I do not just "something with internet" but quite specifically: Websites, online shops, marketplaces, chatbots, IoT and much more. Here I show you how your idea becomes a finished product.

1. Product vision and joint workshops

Do you have a more or less concrete idea of a software or a product? In one or more non-binding workshops, we plan and design your application by highlighting the key features and concretizing all necessary features. You will receive a ready-made concept that describes all requirements and possibilities.

2. Team and experts

In addition to the technical implementation, it sometimes makes sense to include more experts in the development team. We can always access a network of other developers, designers or marketing and SEO experts.

3. Research and technology stack

Technology is subject to constant change, which is why a reassessment of the technical possibilities often makes sense. Only in this way can the project continue to develop its full potential in the future.

4. Protected development

The new system is initially developed in a secure test environment accessible only to selected people. If the most important core features of the software are implemented and released, then we bring it to live. The test environment remains in place for continuous development.

5. Continuous development in sprints

Newly developed features can be tested on the test environment at any time before they are available on the live page. This ensures the smooth integration of new features.

6. Training and documentation

You or your staff will be introduced to the features of the product through training. In addition, all features in a documentation can be read.